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Paradigm Technology is a fully integrated I.T. provider offering world class design, development and support for all kinds of small business, hobbyist, government agencies, enterprise organizations, startups & small/medium sized business

Don't Take Our Word For It

From municipalities to small town farms, multi-million dollar manufacturers and startups in between. Here's a few of our most recent and favorite deliveries from recent years.

The Secret to Our Success

It starts with stunning design and award winning development, but why stop there? We offer hosted infrastructure in our cloud datacenter and managed support for 24/7/365 response.

We work from virtual offices, so we don't pass on the expense of commercial leases & fancy views in our invoices. We focus on delivering the right solution to you, so your budget can work for your business effectively. No schticks. No gimmicks. Just quality solutions.

Welcome to web 2.0, let us show you around....

City of West Palm Beach
Southern Silicones
CGL Technologies
Hidden Creek Farm
Conduent, Inc.
Seattle's Convention & Visitors Bureau

Handcrafted, Like a Hometown Brew

All our work is created from scratch, hand coded for performance and readability.
No bloated design tools, no shortcuts. Just pure, clean code that looks great and performs like a fine tuned machine.


A fundamental change in approach or assumptions

It seems that our industry gravitates toward one of two methodologies. On one hand you have the slap it together discount agencies that put up a cookie-cutter design template and fill it with generic copy & stock images. Then on the other you have the high end marketing firms that deliver brilliant solutions for nothing less than 6 figures.

That leaves those with limited budgets and aspirations standing in the cold, terrified to even ask for an estimate, convinced already that they can't afford it. Some end up hiring a cutrate 'designer' on Craigslist or worse yet, they try to build their own site on Wix, 1&1 or GoDaddy and end up with an unprofessional solution that scares off potential legitimate customers in favor of a competitor who forked out the extra dough.

Where is that middle ground? How do you find quality at a good value?

Hint: Start by looking for a consultancy that's chock full of talent. Then ignore the ones with fancy views in Midtown, giant conference rooms and exotic art on the walls. You don't want to foot that bill!

Find one that leverages modern technology to collaborate and deliver from virtual offices, keeping overhead to almost nothing. You know with that firm that you're only paying for the talent and not the dog & pony show.

Take a good look at their work! Make sure the clients they've delivered for are not only satisfied, but they're reputable. Get honest recommendations from others who have seen the result of their deliveries.

Now that you have it narrowed down, take the time to talk to the consultant. See if they're someone you'd like to work with. Do they understand your business? Can they communicate their ideas in a way that makes sense to you?

Now that you're down to Paradigm Technology...

Our consultants have been delivering solutions to all sizes & types of business around the world for years. McDonalds, Xerox, Energizer, BMW, Airbus, Southern Silicones, West Palm Beach, U.S. Department of Labor & more.

We've worked in the fancy highrises and rubbed elbows with the big wigs, and now we've settled into delivering quality solutions at fantastic value. Our business revolves around your success, so naturally we offer industry leading warranties on everything we deliver, and world class support for hosted solutions.

As a one-stop I.T. shop, we design, develop, connect & integrate all aspects of your business operations from your public web to your payroll systems and everything in between.

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